Social Media Ads That Move

You want ads that move against the grain. That move in the direction of your target market. That move people to act. We don't just make ads. We make them move.

Social Media Marketing Expertise

Smart marketing is effective marketing. And here at Social Movement, we vow to deliver just that. We believe that in order to differentiate ourselves, we have to challenge the competition – the norm. How do we rise up above the competition? By implementing the most innovative, knowledgeable, well-rounded marketing campaign there is to offer.

There’s no point wasting your time and money on marketing tactics and platforms from the past, they’re never going to work. Here at Social Movement, we deploy innovative marketing campaigns tailored for your specific business; using proven tools and tactics to ensure we maximize your ROI. Content Marketing is one of the trickiest areas to perfect and see consistent results from. Therefore, it is absolutely vital for your business’s success to have a dedicated – well versed – team working behind you.

Do You Know How Your Ads Are Doing? We do.

Some social media management companies claim to deliver. But do they really make a difference to your sales? Social Movement Media brings a data-driven focus to boost impressions, engagements, and real dollars added to your bottom line. Check out how our ads perform:

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How We Can Help

Not all social medial ads are created equal. We take the time to learn about your business, product, and market in order to create the best social media marketing strategy possible.

Facebook Advertising

It’s not just about ‘what’ you say. It’s about how you say it, when you say it, and who you say it too. We create compelling ads that drive engagement and let you target and manage your customers.

Instagram Advertising

We work with you to maximize the return on every single ad campaign you run.

Snapchat Advertising

One of our more unique but effective services. We offer both Snapchat Geofilter and Snapchat Ad Campaigns.

Social Media Ads Made Simple

01. Discovery Call

We learn about your business

02. Creation Phase

Strategy & Creation

03. Execution

Execution & deployment (2 week timeframe)

Snapchat Geofilters Done For You

Event Marketing & Advertising

We use tools like Snapchat event Geofilters to take advantage of an untapped, undersaturated ‘virtual billboard’ market space. With just one Snapchat event Geofilter, you can generate thousands, if not millions of impressions.

Where Social Media Marketing Meets Results

You don’t want to throw your money away on digital marketers that can’t deliver. You want to maximize your social media platform to exponentially boost your bottom line. You want results. We want to help. And we want to talk to you.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs:

Is there a contract?

We typically like to run our contracts at a minimum of 3 months. Generating content and building our strategic plan takes time. 3 months will allow for us to build the best possible content for you and gain momentum when it comes to your digital marketing.

Will I be able to track how this is working?

We focus on specific KPI’s to track every campaign we run. If we run Ads, we will be able to track specific ROI for each individual campaign that you run. Our packages go into detail about how often we will have meetings or calls per month. These meetings or calls will consist of presenting the analytic report for each campaign. From this report, you will be able to see how well our services are working for your business. In addition, we hold strategy sessions with each client to work out maximizing ROI.

What’s the turn-around rate from initial meeting to posting?

Once we have completed our discovery call, typically it takes roughly 10-14 days to strategize and create the content. Once we have done this, we are ready to start posting for you.

Can’t I just do my own posting and run my own geofilters?

Of course. Posting on social media and running Geofilters are open to the public. However, we have years of expertise in the field. Along with a large network of people that can get the job done to generate the best possible result!

How can I keep in contact with the team?

Every client is assigned an account manager. We try and build the best possible relationship with every client. You will receive our personal phone numbers to contact us whenever you would like.

What separates you from all the other digital marketing agencies?

We are always trying to innovate the field of digital marketing. We specialize in targeting any demographic you would like. We let our content speak for itself. If we can’t “wow” you with our content, then we are not doing our job correctly.