Moving Graphics That Matter

Your market’s a moving target. Social media is always changing. So don’t get stuck in a rut with static images.

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Movement Means Money

The difference between moving graphics and static images for social media marketing is staggering.


Of consumers buy because of video


MilestoneMore shares than photo & text posts


More reach on Facebook than photos
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Keep Scrolling. We Dare You.

You can see the difference for yourself. Static images are easy to blow by. Moving images catch the eye and exponentially increase the chances of being seen by your target market.

Dominate The Feed

With moving graphics from Social Movement Media, you can make an impact in any social media platform… from Instagram Stories to a Facebook Newsfeed to Snapchat Event Geofilters.

Design Creation

In 2018, 64% of online shoppers say that videos on social media helped them decide to buy a product. Social Movement Media creates high quality moving graphics tailored toward your business.

Video Creation

At Social Movement Media, we create aesthetic promotional videos showing everything your business has to offer.

Branded Promotion

Branding is everywhere! We perform extensive research on creating the perfect brand for you. Our graphics will assert your brand, and move potential customers down your sales funnel.

How We Move

From Snapchat geofilters to managing your Facebook page, we do what it takes to make your digital presence engaging and dynamic across all your social media platforms.


We know social media ads. How they work. Who to target. When to use which platform. Learn about how we help engage your target market:

Manage Social Media

If you want a strong brand across your entire digital presence, you need consistent and compelling social media management.

Moving Graphic Creation

Social media is dynamic. And with the whole world vying for attention on your potential customers' feeds, it's important to stand out. To be eye-catching. To move.

Event Promotion

Make no mistake: events are a massive opportunity to win new business. We leverage Snapchat geofilters, video production, & social media ads to elevate your brand.

Where Social Media Marketing Meets Results

You don’t want to throw your money away on digital marketers that can’t deliver. You want to maximize your social media platform to exponentially boost your bottom line. You want results. We want to help. And we want to talk to you.

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